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While the term family law encompasses almost any issue that involves relationships between couples, significant others, parents, and children, the most commonly filed include Divorce and Modifications.

Divorce is the legal dissolution of the marriage. In Arkansas, a party seeking divorce must allege and substantiate one of the grounds for divorce set forth in the Arkansas Code. That party must also have been a resident within the State of Arkansas for the time frame set forth by the Arkansas Code. During the court case, the Court will decide issues of child custody, support, and division of assets and debt.

A Modication is a term describing a situation in which a change of circumstances has occurred, and a party is asking the Court to change the original or current order from the Court. Modifications are usually sought when there has been an increase or decrease in child support, spousal support, and visitation or custody issues. It is very important to have a consultation as soon as situations arise that affect support, visitation or custody - even if the parties agree - in order to protect your interests.